What is Blanking or Offline Blanking?

Offline Blanking and Stripping machine is every package provider’s first step towards automation. Blanking is the processes in which a die punched carton is removed or stripped without being damaging.

Where does blanking play its role in the finishing process?

Printing - Die cutting – Blanking - Inspection - Folder gluing – Packaging

Blanking machine the Savior!

By providing seamless pickup and drop features, this machine removes the need for manual blanking and stripping . Proving to be a simple tool (for cost saving, time saving, reducing wastage and improves delivery cycle)

Disadvantages of Manual stripping!

  • Less no.of job commitments (job getting delayed for next job)
  • Higher chances of damaging cartons
  • More man power
  • Higher Chances for delayed delivery
  • Work places looks unorganised - uncleanliness

Advantages of Blanking Machine!

  • A step towards complete process automation of shop floor
  • Saves more time – which allows the owner to commit for more jobs than usual.
  • On time delivery
  • Cost saving – which eliminates more man power and also reduces wastage of cartons.
  • Effective ROI.
  • Work place looks more organised.
  • Happy client – Happy owner.