Different types for UV and Aqueous coating like Spot / Spot Not Coating, Flood Coating, Aqueous Coating, Blister Coating, Texture Coating can be done in Fine Coat Series. “Precision spot coating with Drip Off effects” can be done in the “Twin Tower FC 80 Drip Off” machine. Coating thickness can be varied from 3 – 8 gsm. The Coating can be done on various types of substrates like Art Paper, Duplex Board, Chromo Art, Sticker Sheet, Cyber Excel Board and Metpet Sheet.

Our Autoprint fine coat series comprises of automatic UV coating machine such as: Autoprint fine coat 65, Autoprint fine coat 80, Autoprint fine coat 80 AX and Autoprint fine coat 80 Drip off.

Autoprint fine coat, an offline sheet fed UV and aqueous coating machine is one such revolutionary products from Autoprint. Autoprint Fine coat machines can perform full coat and spot (UV & aqueous) coating on thin and thick papers.

Autoprint’s automatic UV coating machine are designed to meet the growing demand for a reliable and precision coater for large format printer and packaging units. Autoprint’s automatic UV coating machine has single sheet feeder in Autoprint fine coat 65and steam feeder system in other Autoprint fine coat machines. Autoprint fine coat 80 drip off is a special series which has drip off in it.

Autoprint fine coat 80 drip off is an offline 2 tower automatic UV coating and aqueous coating machine that helps you to add value with high quality effect to your print jobs.