Autoprint Fine Coat 105 Drip Off


Stream Feeder with Controls

Autoprint Fine Coat 105 Drip Off has a Stream Feeding System equipped with separate pick up & forwarding unit, which ensures continuous sheet feeding of a wide range of paper stocks from 60 - 600 gsm with ease. Its suction device separates and lifts the paper precisely from the tail end, while the mechanical device feeds the paper to the register board through pull-in rollers, continuously as a stream. Feeder is equipped with motorized rising mechanism, which ensures precise lifting of paper table during feeding operation.

Conveyor Board

Conveyor Board is provided with a suction belt with minimal runners and brush rollers on top to ensure smooth and trouble free feeding of stock from thin paper to thick board, ranging from 60 - 600 gsm. This unit can be pneumatically lifted by a simple button ensuring user friendliness.

Coating System

The Coating System is a 3 roller construction with anilox roller which ensures consistent and uniform coating throughout the paper. The coating thickness can be adjusted between 3-8 gsm as per the desired level with different combination of anilox and rubber roller. This is achieved by skew and pressure adjustment provision available on the Metering Roller. The varnish fountain roller has a continuous drive through a separate motor to ensure that the aqueous solution does not dry on the duct. The unit is equipped with a changeable anilox and rubber roller system. The life of rubber roller is increased as it is pneumatically disengaged from the nearby running rollers when the machine is in idle running.

Inking Unit

The offset priming unit contains 16 roller systems with 3 form rollers and 4 oscillator rollers. All rubber rollers are made up of special material for long life and are easily removable for any purpose. The ductor roller is suspended on ball bearings for smooth ink/varnish transfer from the duct. Duct is provided with laser cut blade and provided with cam lever micro setting backed by a position scale. This enhances the operated to set the optimum ink flow to the required matt/drip off effect.

Dampening Unit

This unit is provided with continuous dampening system. A gear driven rollers including one form roller. Machine is Provide with a high efficient chiller unit to maintain the pH value of fountain solution which enhances the drip off effect.

PLC Touch Screen Panel

The controls of Autoprint Fine Coat 105 Drip Off are housed in a PLC Touch Screen Panel. A 7 inch bigger PLC Touch Screen Panel allows easy operation and maximum productivity. This facilitates easy detection of defects and provides relevant feedback of the machine operating conditions.

Front lay fine and cross adjustment

Provision for independently adjusting the front lay along with cross adjustment makes the machine more operator friendly

Prepiling facility

This helps to increase the productivity of the machine as the second feeder table can be preloaded while the machine is running. The preloaded table can be replaced quickly and the production can be continued.

Blanket Jam Sensor

The Blanket Jam Sensor monitors the coated sheets and in case the sheets are interrupted anywhere on the blanket or during transfer, the machine stops immediately with a warning display on the control panel.

Cross Feed/Ultrasonic Double Sheet Sensor with Front Lay Lock

Any cross sheet in the front lay can be detected with the help of Cross Sheet Sensor. In addition, machine is provided with electro mechanical double sheet detector. Whenever double sheet and cross feed is detected, the pneumatic system automatically locks the front lay and the paper will not be fed into the cylinder. The feeder will also be cut off automatically.

Automatic Roller Cleaning System

Pneumatically operated roller cleaning system having a bridge roller between the inks and dampening form rollers get engaged along with the cleaning tray which is attached to the oscillating roller. This ensures a trouble free cleaning of all rollers which is operated from the HMI touch screen.

Ink roller cleaning is quickly done using pneumatically operated cleaning tray. In addition pneumatically operated bridge roller is provided to engage the dampening rollers with ink rollers for easy washing.

Centralized Lubrication System with Timer

Autoprint Fine coat 105 Drip Off has an Automatic Lubrication System with Timer, which can be set to lubricate the machine at regular intervals. This enhances the life of the moving parts by preventing wear and tear. Automating the Lubrication System also avoids human dependency thus reduces the risk.

Inter-deck UV Dryer

The inter deck drier consist of one UV module with 0-100% low/high intensity control along with shutter type on/off.

Declutching of Inking & Dampening Unit

The offset printing unit has a declutching mechanism to disengage the roller unit in case drip off printing is not required. This increases the life of rubber rollers.

Salient Features

Technical Specifications