The Repetto Series can do Die Cutting, Creasing, Embossing, Perforation & Half Cut on various type of substrates like Maplitho, Sticker Sheet, Art Board, Duplex Board up to 600 gsm depending on the model. These die punching machines are the perfect solution for Pharma, Health Care and FMCG industry. These machines are highly suitable to replace manual Die-Cutting Machine.

Autoprint repetto 65 (Die Punching/cutting machine) is a unique model which performs die punching creasing, embossing, braille, sticker half cut and envelop operations. One of the best die punching machines is our Autoprint repetto 65.

Autoprint repetto 65 compact machine requiring minimum floor area. Height of the Autoprint repetto 65 die punching or die cutting machine is optimum for an operator to operate from floor. For stability Autoprint repetto 65 die punching or die cutting machine provides Box type base frame. Autoprint’s die punching or die cutting machine comes with the centralized motor lubrication system for all areas and oil bath for all Connecting links and connection shafts of Moving block assembly.

Autoprint ensures its customer’s safety by introducing some safety features. Repetto 65 comes with safety switch for machine manual drive, steel side frames for lasting results, small platform on operator side for operator easiness, ergonomically designed operating handles and knobs for operator easiness.

High speed centralized touch Screen, Operational Panel with PLC with digital Input/output modules