Variable data printing includes printing of Alpha numeric characters, Addresses, Barcodes, QR Codes, Logos etc., that vary from sheet to sheet. It can be done on high speeds in various type of substrates like Colour Wove, Maplitho, Art Paper, Duplex Board up to 350 gsm and NCR Sheet (only in Reckoner VDP 65 model).

Uses of a Batch Coding Machine

Batch coding machines are used in the printing industry to mark or code products or their packaging with a unique code or batch number that identifies the specific batch or lot of the product. The machine can be used to print the code on a variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, and glass. The use of batch coding machines is essential for ensuring product safety and quality, as they allow manufacturers to track and trace products throughout the supply chain, from manufacturing to distribution and sale. Batch coding machines can be used to print information such as the date of manufacture, the product batch or lot number, and other information such as the manufacturer's name or product description.

Batch coding machines can be programmed to print codes automatically, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring that each product is coded accurately and consistently. They can be integrated with other systems such as quality control and inventory management systems to provide a seamless and efficient production process.The use of batch coding machines is particularly important in industries such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, where product safety and quality are critical. They allow manufacturers to quickly identify and isolate products that may be defective or unsafe and to trace the source of any issues that may arise.

Steps Involved in Batch Coding

Batch coding in the printing industry can be done using a batch coding machine or printer. Here are the general steps for batch coding:

Prepare the design: Create the design for the code or batch number that you want to print on your product or packaging. The design can include information such as the date of manufacture, the product batch or lot number, and other relevant information.

Set up the batch coding machine: Set up the batch coding machine according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure the machine is calibrated correctly, and the ink or ribbon is loaded correctly.

Load the product or packaging: Load the product or packaging onto the conveyor or platform of the batch coding machine, making sure that it is positioned correctly for printing.

Set the parameters:Set the parameters for the batch coding machine, including the printing speed, the number of copies, and any other relevant parameters.

Start the batch coding process: Start the batch coding process by activating the machine or printer. The machine will print the code or batch number onto the product or packaging as it passes through the machine.

Verify the codes: Verify that the codes are printed correctly and legibly on the product or packaging. Check the codes to ensure that they are accurate, and that the ink or ribbon is not smudged or smeared.Batch coding is an essential part of quality control and product traceability in the printing industry. By using a batch coding machine or printer, manufacturers can ensure that their products are correctly labeled, and they can track and trace them throughout the supply chain.

Price of the HP Batch Coding Machine

The price of an HP batch coding machine can vary depending on the model and features of the machine. HP offers a range of batch coding machines, from basic models to more advanced models with additional features such as automatic coding and printing.

As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, the price of HP batch coding machines ranged from approximately $2,000 to $10,000 USD. However, it's important to note that prices can vary based on the specific model, the country where the machine is purchased, and other factors such as local taxes and tariffs. It's always recommended to contact an authorized HP dealer or supplier for a specific quote based on your needs and requirements.