Global leader in the UV coating and allied machinery manufacturing industry. We do export, sales & services of UV coating machines in Indonesia.



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UV Coating Machine Manufacturers

Autoprint, one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of UV coating machines in Indonesia, We have established our global presence through extending sales & services in various other countries. Our products have gained worldwide acceptance & affirmation.

Different types for UV and Aqueous coating like Spot / Spot Not Coating, Flood Coating, Aqueous Coating, Blister Coating, Texture Coating can be done in Fine Coat Series. “Precision spot coating with Drip Off effects” can be done in the “Twin Tower FC 80 Drip Off” machine. Coating thickness can be varied from 3 – 8 gsm. The Coating can be done on various types of substrates like Art Paper, Duplex Board, Chromo Art, Sticker Sheet, Cyber Excel Board and Metpet Sheet.

Product Features

You Will Get These Features In Our UV coating Machine.

Why Choose UV Coating?

Applications of UV Coating Machines

Why Choose Autoprint

All of AUTOPRINT's products share common characteristics that reflect our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value to our customers. These defining traits encompass customer-centric product design, and a continuous pursuit of innovation while ensuring cost-effectiveness, all reinforced by our unwavering dedication to providing robust after-sales service and support.

Within AUTOPRINT, our Research and Development center houses a dedicated team of professionals who tirelessly strive to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of our valued customers. Autoprint is a customer-focused company that combines innovative product design with cost- effectiveness and strong after-sales support to deliver value and satisfaction to our valued customers. Our R&D center plays a pivotal role in keeping us at the forefront of technology and customer service.