Autoprint Blankmatic 108 2H

Blanking Machine 

Autoprint is committed to bring modern cutting edge technology to its customers. A result of this commitment is Autoprint’s Blankmatic 108 2H - an offline Automatic Blanking Machine with 2 Heads designed to handle even the most intricate and detailed designs with high stripping speed. This reliable and high precision blanking machine is the perfect answer to meet the growing demand of medium and large format printers, finishing house as well as packaging units. 

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Technical Specifications

Model Autoprint Blankmatic 108 2H (Blanking Machine)
Maximum Sheet Size  1080 x 780 mm
Minimum Sheet Size 600 x 400 mm
Maximum Stripping Size  550 x 550 mm
Minimum Stripping Size   30 x 30 mm
Max. Pile Height  100 mm
Min. Pile Height   40 mm
Stripping Speed  25 times / min
Bench Height  850 mm
Max. Pressure  90 Bar
Power Consumption  5.5 Kw
Air Compression  4 – 7 Bar
Air Consumption  2 L/min
Voltage  360 – 420 V
Frequency  50 – 60 Hz
Current  10 A
Weight 2400 Kgs (Approx.)
Over All Size ( L x W x H )  3750 x 1800 x 1900 mm

Features at a Glance

  • Machine is equipped with PLC and touch screen interface in operation which makes it safe and user friendly
  • Double guided rail and ball screw which majes accuracy less than 0.02 mm
  • Latest hydraulic system with inserted motor and oil temperature cooling fan. So it has constant and big working pressure
  • 2 Blanking head for A and B type jobs
  • Lifting table (Optional)
  • Conveyor belt / robotic arm (Optional)

Other Models Available

  • Autoprint Blankmatic 108 1H
  • Autoprint Blankmatic 92 2H
  • Autoprint Blankmatic 92 1H
  • Autoprint Blankmatic 78 1H