What are the main (common) features of Dion ?

    Least power consumption ,lowest floor space and user friendly to operate

What  is the  maximum  and minimum size and thickness of  paper can feed  in Dion ?

     Maximium Size 400 x 508 mm(16" x 20")

     Mimimum Size 100 x 150 mm(4" x 6")

     Paper Thickness 45 to 400 gsm

What type of plates and thickness can use in dion machine ?

    Both conventional and ctp plates  and thickness 0.3mm can use in Dion machine.

What kind of feeding unit  we are using in dion machine ?

    Single sheet motorized feeder with suction foot for uninterrupted feeding


What are the standard features are using in dion machine ?

    Ultra sonic double detector ,cross feed sensor,no sheet sensor ,blanket jam sensor, feeder cut off  as standard features .All these features ensures machines runs continuously and smoothly and does not have any stoppages due to double sheet ,cross sheet, or a blanket jam.

What kind of grippers  are using in Dion machine and what is the advantages of this ?

    All transfer and impression cylinders are provided with carbide coated spring loaded grippers  which ensuring perfect register with reliability.

What  type of dampening system provided and what is the procedure of cleaning of this rollers ?

    Kompac system from USA  which give the best in the automatic water control  and for cleaning we are using  suction cleaning system for quick washing of dampening rollers .

What are adjustments  available in plate cylinders for image register ?

    On line mechanism to quickly setup ,axial and circumferential register on the   run  and also graduations are provided for quick measured setting of register.


What are the special features  are in dion machines ?

       This machine has in excellent maintenance control system on the touch screen panel which will enable the operator to guide him on the maintenance schedule daily.

     There is a monthly monitoring system on the machine which will give the owner a control and information on the productivity of the machine .

     This machine can be remotely accessed through internet with a static IP and any other software problem can be solve remotely.

How many inking rollers are  in dion machine and what are features  are in inking unit for ink control?

   Inking system has 18 rollers with 3 form rollers ,

   Steeples ink adjustment system are using in inking unit for  control the ink between the fountain roller to doctor roller

   Ink duct keys are graduated so that colour consistency can be maintained between repeat jobs.